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Sundays @ 4PM | 360 S. Shoreline Blvd. | Mountain View

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Why New Vine?

We live in a place of incredible material wealth, innovation, and opportunities. But even amidst such abundance, we all feel an emptiness inside of us that cannot be satisfied with things or activities.

Here, at New Vine, we are a group of ordinary people from diverse walks of life, whose lives have been transformed by the love of Jesus Christ. We are building a new community because we believe that God created us to live in life-giving relationships, not in isolation. We want you to be a part of something unique, meaningful and totally of God.

At New Vine…

We want your experience to be authentic. Come as you are. No need to be someone you’re not. Let’s keep things real.

We want you to feel at home in God’s house. You’ll always have a place at the table in this family. We “break bread” at the end of each gathering because sharing a meal together is what families do.

We value everyone’s right to feel safe. Go ahead and ask questions and share your struggles without fear. Let’s walk side by side through life with the living hope of Christ.

We want our community to reflect the diversity of what heaven will be like – people of different cultures, ages, and unique life experiences coming together under one God.

So come and live life together with us – YOU are loved!

Vine Kidz

Vine Kidz is a special place at New Vine where kids can be kids. We understand that children are constantly faced with pressures to perform, achieve and succeed. At Vine Kidz, we provide a safe and secure environment where kids can enjoy their childhood freedom, build lasting friendships and ultimately experience God’s love that can transform their lives.

We also understand that raising children in Silicon Valley can be an isolating and challenging journey.  We are here to partner with parents to build healthy and godly values and beliefs so that they can become God’s world changers.

At Vine Kidz…

Your child will be loved by a group of dedicated staff and volunteers.  We value each child as a unique individual, able to love and be loved.

Your child will have fun with other children and build meaningful and lasting friendships.

Your child will engage with lessons of faithwisdom, and character-building.

We look forward to loving and laughing with your kids!


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We appreciate your support for New Vine!

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    Sundays @ 4PM
    360 S Shoreline Blvd
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    (650) 822-VINE or (650) 822-8463

    New Vine is a new church plant from San Jose Christian Alliance Church. New Vine and SJCAC are part of a Christ-centered global movement called the Christian & Missionary Alliance.